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NEW: Get Fit for Summer with EveryMove Goals

By Bailey Nelson
Could your workout schedule use a little spring refresh? Our newest feature, EveryMove Goals, provide all the tools to stick with an amped up workout routine - plus, you can invite friends to join you in your new pursuit of fitness!

We’ve built Goals to help you form healthy habits by committing to doing certain activities consistently: think running, swimming, weight lifting, or biking three times a week and short sessions of planking, burpees, or yoga every day.  When you join a goal, your tracked workouts will count towards completing your winning streak and help you rank on your Goal Leaderboard.

Need a reason to start? With EveryMove Goals you can:  
  • Look & feel great at upcoming event: try daily burpees Goal along with a T25 Goal
  • Give an inactive friend some motivation: do a step counting Goal together
  • Train with a long-distance workout buddy: use a running Goal to keeps tabs on each other’s runs
  • Challenge your fittest friends: start burpee Goal and see who earns bragging rights
  • Go on more walking meetings: invite some coworkers to join you in a walking Goal

Goals are available in our latest iOS and Android apps as well as on the web.
To tackle your first goal, visit Goals, choose an activity to do either daily or three times a week, invite some friends to join you, and get moving!
For more detailed info on EveryMove Goals, visit our Goals FAQ: https://everymove.org/goals/faq

Posted on March 24, 2015 05:48 PM


Clinton Foundation -- Health Matters Annual Activation Summit

By Bailey Nelson
Post by Russell Benaroya, EveryMove co-founder & CEO
Exercising our bodies.  Stretching our minds.

“And lift and tuck and lift and tuck.  You got it everyone.  Okay, now extend.  Keep holding it…..holding….holding….awesome."  And so began a very full day at the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Activation Summit where Cassey Ho (the YouTube and social media fitness sensation behind Blogilates), kicked everyone into high gear right before President Bill Clinton stretched us even further.

It was an honor to be invited to the Health Activation Summit 2015, a convening of health leaders from around the country with one purpose: to ask the important questions and seek clarity on how to improve healthcare for all Americans.  It is an emotionally powerful event that forces us all to face the difficult realities that plague our healthcare system.  President Clinton also has a certain magic that not only shines light on the progress and innovation but tackles head on our misaligned health system.

From farmers to wireless execs, academics to entrepreneurs, the guests here represented a broad section of stakeholders.  Only when we come together can we have a dialogue that can drive systemic change.  The Clinton Foundation is clearly capable of uniting that constituent group and delivering a dynamic conversation.

Here are a just a few “tip of the iceberg” things we should be thinking about: 

  1. Failure Facilitates Success.  Large health systems and health plans must be willing to try things, fail, and celebrate (or even reward) the failure.  The institutional mindset of the long-time corporate veteran is to play it safe because there are no rewards for risk.  Senior leadership must encourage failure with learning.  We must be willing to fail in order to know success.
  1. Privacy is Important, but Transparency is Paramount.  We have been a bit brainwashed into thinking that we must protect our information at all costs around health.  However, companies like PatientsLikeMe have shown the power of the crowd when people come together to share their information for the purpose of advancing outcomes.  We need to keep pushing for transparency in appropriate and thoughtful ways.  More data = more understanding = more action! 
  1. We Need a Preventative Care Infrastructure.  There's too much conversation is about how to triage people once they are in the healthcare system.  Success is keeping them out of the healthcare system.  Success is making most of our jobs obsolete.  We need to put more energy into a culture of prevention vs. prescription. 
There was so much rich conversation that I’d love to relay.  The best way for me to do that is share some of the comments I heard or read on Twitter that really struck me.  I hope they strike you as well. 

  • "Lots of people in this industry are just evil." - Joshua Kushner (Oscar Health)
  • “The problem with healthcare in America is…loneliness.”  - Peter Moore (Smacktive)
  • “We waste more money on healthcare than we spend on education.”  - President Bill Clinton
  • “Diabetes could obliterate the economy.” - President Bill Clinton
  • “We should not be living in a world where we know more about our credit card account than our blood chemistry.”  - Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos)
  • “We need to think in terms of health as a basic human right.” Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos)
  • “Our primary health care should begin on the farm and in our hearts, and not in some laboratory of the biotech and pharmaceutical companies.” – Gary Hopkins
  • "To make public private partnerships work, have to get past the notion that it will be simple."  - Dr. Brent C. Williams
  •  “Exercise isn't just a great way to get healthy; it's a way to build connections/relationships.” – Blayne Smith (ED of Team RWB)
  • “We must change from a sickness model to a wellness model.”  - President Bill Clinton
  • “Transparency of data will lead to better information and better systems.”  - Bruce Broussard (CEO, Humana)
  • “The biggest thing we could do about diabetes is to look at our agricultural program." Meredith Rosenthal (Harvard)
  • “It’s not about insurance, it’s not about treatment, it’s about how do we help people stay healthy”  -  Bruce Broussard (CEO, Humana)
  • "We're astonishingly impervious to what works elsewhere"  - President Bill Clinton
  • "You cannot have a quality workforce if you don't have a healthy workforce." - Governor Steve Besear (Kentucky)
  • "Our children may live 5 years less than their parents due to inactivity.” -  Jorge Casimiro (Nike)
  • "We will always need the disruptive innovators in healthcare.” – President Bill Clinton
  • "Now you have to choose to be physically active" - Caitlin Morris (Nike)
  • "We may cut our physical activity levels in half in just two generations." - Caitlin Morris (Nike)
It’s hard to absorb these statements and not get energized to act. We will innovate out of our current crisis and the structural walls that have created massively perverse incentives must crumble. 

So yes, Cassey Ho got everyone moving in the morning but President Clinton stretched our minds with the knowledge that we have a lot of work to do.  It is an obligation that we have to strive for a story of healthcare saving our nation, not destroying it.  There is great promise ahead and we’re seeing the tides turn with new payment models, private/public partnerships, innovative enabling technologies, and the commitment of policy leaders.

It is our time to act.  Joyce Chang (Editor-in-Chief of SELF Magazine) said on stage, “Coding is cardio for our minds.”  If that’s the case, let’s program a new healthcare system.

Posted on January 29, 2015 05:42 PM


New Year, New Tracker?

By Bailey Nelson
Happy 2015, EveryMovers!

We kicked off the year with a bang at CES International as a finalist at the Everyday Health Digital Health Summit Awards for Innovation.  

At CES, we saw a plethora of new wearable fitness technologies - check out this VentureBeat article for the low-down on devices!

With so many options, how do you choose which trackers and apps are YOUR fitness forte? Since we consider ourselves fitness tracker aficionados, we’ve recently  made some big updates the EveryMove Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool - the fool-proof way to find and compare fitness trackers & apps in a flash.

The tool, which encompasses more than 250 fitness-tracking apps & devices, offers:
  • A concise look at all the features (GPS, water-resistance, battery life)
  • Links to reputable reviews from experts at sites like Mashable, Yahoo! Tech, and Engadget
  • The ability to compare 2 or more devices side-by-side

Not sure where to start? Check out these latest & greatest devices from some of the biggest names in tracked fitness, all of which connect & sync seamlessly with your EveryMove account:

On the subject of fitness trackers - did you know that EveryMove is the largest integrator of fitness apps & devices? This means that you can connect the MOST apps and devices to your EveryMove account and interact with friends, family, and coworkers. #Winning!

Posted on January 15, 2015 05:17 PM


EveryMove & LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Are Light-Years Ahead in Promoting Active Lifestyles

By Bailey Nelson
Written by EveryMove CEO Russell Benaroya

Back in 2012, many health plans were beginning to talk about how to build a new kind of relationship with their individual members.  Why?  Even then, it was undeniable that consumers were taking more control of their health and health plans had little connection with most individuals beyond claims issues.

EveryMove had been thinking about this for some time and built a mobile and web application to connect wearable and app fitness trackers to health plan benefits and rewards.  Recognizing healthy, active lifestyles is a critical imperative if we are going to change the game in health care. 
LifeWise of Washington, an affiliate of Premera Blue Cross, took a forward-thinking approach to its relationship strategy. Building on the growing interest in wearable technology and fitness tracking apps, LifeWise partnered with EveryMove to deliver rewards for being active.

The concept was simple: members could connect any fitness tracking app or device to the EveryMove platform, and once they earned 750 points on EveryMove (the equivalent of approximately 30 minutes of exercise, 3 days a week), they would receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Here’s what is so significant about this partnership: EveryMove was the first consumer app that allowed individuals to connect directly with their health insurance plan and earn recognition for their active lifestyle, and LifeWise was the first health insurer to embrace wearable technology to drive incentives and rewards to its members.

Today, other companies are catching on, but as pioneers in the health plan and wearable technology game, we’ve learned a few things along the road:

  1. Engaged members stay with their health plan– Members that engaged actively in the sponsored program on EveryMove stayed with their health plan 20% longer than average.

  2. People define “fitness” uniquely – Members of LifeWise participate in many different activities ranging from walking to dancing, running to basketball.  Meeting members where they are in their life is essential.

  3. Avoid locking users into one device  – With hundreds of different fitness tracking apps and devices on the market today, being open to all devices (and there reducing the barrier to capturing activity data) increases adoption.
  4. It’s not about the money – The Amazon gift card is icing on the cake. The actual reward should become secondary to the motivation and inspiration that comes with being part of a community that values activity and making physical activity a daily part of a person’s life.

  5. Keep it simple – Complicated programs that require a steep learning curve and offer less than “consumer-friendly” technology, simply put, aren’t going to work!  Install an app.  Open it.  Connect to your health plan.  Go!  The name of the game here is motivating action because that’s what really matters.
Dave Young, the VP/GM – Wellness and Consumerism at LifeWise Health Plan of Washington agrees.  “EveryMove provided us the platform to better align with our community in a way that encourages and rewards healthy living.    They made it easy for us to meet our members in a different way and it’s just the beginning.”

We were excited to be on the forefront of the wearable technology movement and we’re thrilled to be in a position today to continue building on it with great partners like LifeWise and Premera. 

Posted on December 16, 2014 04:14 PM


A Win-Win Workout: donate to charity & receive a gift!

By Bailey Nelson
EveryMovers Sweat Selflessly
There’s no denying it: we have a super-generous userbase. In fact, more than 80% of you choose to donate to charity with your hard-earned points! You also work at generous companies - about 60% of you select charitable donations among the rewards offered by your employer through EveryMove @Work.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too
You asked us for MORE ways to donate to charity  - and good news! We’ve done you one better: now, your workouts can earn you both a charitable donation AND a special gift from the brand sponsoring the donation.

You might have noticed a brand new reward from Bestowed in which you can support access to healthy food by donating to The Food Trust AND receive a gift.
Here’s how it works:
Bestowed Food Trust.jpg
We hope you find these new reward opportunities to donate to charity AND support giving brands motivating and inspiring. By shopping these brands, you get to try out their awesome products AND allow them continue donating to these deserving causes.
Stayed tuned for additional charity donation + gift rewards, including:
San Franola Granola supporting After-School All-Stars
SOLE supporting Big City Mountaineers

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.29.21 PM.png

Posted on October 27, 2014 07:03 PM


Train Your Way to Rewards with EveryMove + adidas miCoach

By Bailey Nelson

With the days getting shorter & darker, autumn is an easy time to fall off the wagon with your fitness routine – and those EveryMove rewards don’t earn themselves! Ever wish you had a personal trainer that could work on your schedule, or a running coach to help you prep for that next race? Read more to find out how you can get access to a cutting-edge training tool that connects directly with EveryMove so you can continue to earn rewards and dominate the leaderboards while challenging yourself this fall!

You can now seamlessly sync your EveryMove account with the adidas miCoach train & run app and any miCoach wearable device (including miCoach Smart Run, Fit Smart, Heart Rate Monitor, X_Cell, and Speed_Cell).

The adidas miCoach app offers both Cardio and Strength & Flexibility plans that are free to access and include real-time coaching.  For runners, the Cardio plan includes interval training within four personalized zones of intensity; for any athlete, miCoach provides more than 400 animated weight, repetition, and circuit workouts.

Ready to get training? Simply visit www.micoach.adidas.comand click “Sign Up For Free,” then visit the “Apps & Devices” section of your EveryMove account, click on the miCoach icon, and connect your accounts. Happy sweating!

Posted on October 23, 2014 03:57 PM


EveryMove Ramps Efforts with Hire of Startup Vets Shauna Causey and Garrett Link

By Bailey Nelson
Big news here at EveryMove HQ: on the heels of a major product launch,  we're thrilled to announces the hires of two veteran startup leaders: Shauna Causey and Garrett Link.  Last week, we introduced EveryMove @Work, the first wellness program that brings wearable tech into workplace culture. The timely hires of two Vice President roles indicate our heightened efforts to grow both our free fitness-tracking reward program and our new business to business offering. 

Shauna Causey, Vice President of Marketing, is a prominent player in the startup scene has experience as a senior leader in several Fortune 500 companies including Nordstrom, Google and Comcast before moving to the startup world with Decide.com (sold to eBay last year).  She’s involved in numerous community and advocacy efforts in Seattle, serving as a mentor and facilitator for Startup Weekend and as an outspoken founder of the Startup Women initiative that is now a global effort. She was a founding member of Social Media Club Seattle and has spoken around the world about digital media efforts. After selling Decide.com, Causey served six months as Interim VP at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup NEXT, Startup Digest). Causey currently serves as member of the board of directors for KUOW/NPR and Leadership Tomorrow. Causey started her career at the age of 14 working for the Seattle Mariners as a ballgirl and spent seven years with the organization before moving to a stint in broadcast television. 

“When I look at the Seattle startup scene, EveryMove is positioned with an incredible team and an area that has a broad base of insanely passionate users,” says Causey. “I’m personally a fan of wearable technology and EveryMove’s mission to improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years through physical activity.”

Garret Link, recently appointed Vice President of Product, brings a robust background in product management, user engagement technique, and game design to his role at EveryMove.  Prior to joining EveryMove, Link served as VP of Product and Community at language learning service Livemocha (acquired by Rosetta Stone in 2013). In his spare time, Link advises at several local startups and regularly provides career mentorship to colleagues and friends. Previously, Link spent ten years as studio lead at RealNetworks, and has also designed and produced games at Sony Online Entertainment and Atari/Humungous Entertainment. 

“I’m pleased to be part of a team dedicated to improving the world,” said Link. “EveryMove empowers individuals to make informed lifestyle decisions using their own activity data - that’s something to pay attention to.” 

Posted on October 22, 2014 06:26 PM


Introducing EveryMove @Work

By Bailey Nelson
Author: EveryMove CEO Russell Benaroya
Today we launched EveryMove @Work, the first web and mobile program specifically designed to help forward-thinking businesses build a more vibrant and connected culture around physical activity.

EveryMove @Work is another step we are taking to help consumers find motivation in living an active lifestyle.  Having collected over 50,000 employer names from our users on EveryMove, it is clear that it was time to create a solution that brought the employer to the conversation.  In just a short time in beta we have over 50 employers that have already signed up. 
We all spend a lot of time at work but the workplace is changing. Lines are blurring between work life and personal life so solutions that accommodate employees need to bridge to family and friends.  More than ever before employees are also looking for purpose, relationships, and a passion. They will give their all but employers need to create an environment that is conducive to the connected workforce of today. 
The good news is that employers want to respond but they need solutions. In a competitive market, employers cannot survive if they just hire “bodies." 
EveryMove @Work is designed as a solution that allows employers to motivate, inspire, and support employees using the fitness tracking apps and devices that employees are already using.  By layering on premium rewards, incentives and team challenges into the EveryMove consumer experience, employees get to elevate their impact of an active lifestyle while employers have an easy way to create a deeper employee connection.

We expect to see EveryMove inside of thousands of organizations in the coming years and we are going to continue to find ways to amplify the impact of being healthy and active in a way that is easy, fun, and life changing.

Posted on October 15, 2014 03:55 PM


5 Minutes with The Hope Heart Institute

By Bailey Nelson
Guest post from Jamie Kenningham

I’m honored and delighted to be working as the Charity Director here at EveryMove. We have built a truly unique platform for our fitness enthusiasts to keep healthy and be motivated to earn free donations to amazing charities. I have been dedicated to the non-profit sector for the last 15 years, and I believe we can all step up and collectively have a significant impact on social change. Let's all take those extra steps to help make the world a better place than which we found it.

I shall be regularly bringing you in-depth stories and news about our awesome charities on EveryMove. Today, I’m chatting with a new EveryMove charity partner, The Heart Hope Institute.

JK: I understand The Hope delivers research & education on cardiovascular disease. Can you tell us how and why?

HH: We gather our inspiration from our founder, Dr. Sauvage, who was not only a premier cardiac surgeon, but also a man who was driven by compassion and healing those affected by cardiovascular disease. His compassionate approach to heart disease is the foundation of The Hope.  Our roots are in research but Dr. Sauvage always said we needed to work at keeping people out of the operating room.  Now The Hope focuses on upstream prevention through our research and educational programs.

The Hope delivers research, education and hope to those in the Northwest who are at risk or have been impacted by cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death in America. We focus on risk-reduction and prevention through nutrition, exercise and wellness education.

JK: It’s truly incredible that The Safeway Foundation is choosing to donate $25,000 via EveryMove. How long has Safeway been a supporter & what can you tell us about that partnership?

HH: We are thrilled that the Safeway Foundation and EveryMove have chosen The Hope for this campaign! When we first started working with Safeway in 2011, it was evident that we both had mutual goal to make making heart healthy choices easy, affordable and accessible to the community and we have developed a very integrated partnership.  Over the last few years, Safeway has provided funding which allowed us to expand our programming to medically underserved communities, women and children, enabling us to reach thousands of people each year.

In addition, our Safeway partnership helped us to reach new audiences through in-store events, such as heart healthy shopping tours in low-income communities and Colby Red wine tastings.  We have worked with their employees for worksite wellness education, they have invited us to community events so that we can reach those audiences with heart health education, and we have partnered to do heart healthy television segments. We truly value the collaboration The Hope has with the Safeway Foundation!

JK: What was the driver in partnering with EveryMove?
HH: EveryMove is in total alignment with what we are doing at The Hope; encouraging people to get out and move and keep their hearts and bodies healthy.  The fact that people can raise money to support the efforts of The Hope Heart Institute by working out or doing their everyday “moving” is such a fantastic concept!  We are honored to be a charity partner of EveryMove.

JK: What’s a heart-healthy tip that we can all incorporate into our every day?
HH: It’s the small things that can really make a difference.  Here are a few tips you can incorporate into your daily routine, that can help keep you on the right track to a heart healthy life:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Eat 9-13 servings of fruits & veggies everyday
  • Get out and move at least 30 minutes a day
  • Take time for yourself to relax, and de-stress
Want to contribute? Simply choose The Hope Heart $1 donation reward on EveryMove and start sweating! 

Posted on September 26, 2014 06:49 PM


24 Hours and 75 Miles Later - Our CEO's Journey

By Bailey Nelson

Guest post from EveryMove CEO Russell Benaroya

Last week I met a major milestone in my life. I have been running on trails for about 4 years and slowly but surely building up my strength and endurance to tackle ever increasing challenges. Last week was the big one.  I ran for 75 miles and 24 hours with one other person on a beautiful stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington state.  We completed this run self -supported (no organized event), meaning we had to pack all of our own food, first aid, dry clothes, etc.  as we prepared to cover 16,000 feet of elevation gain in some of the most breathtaking wilderness in the United States. I didn't walk for a day after it but today I am standing taller because of it.

When I slowly inched (read: nearly crawled) to the end of the trail at Snoqualmie Pass, about 45 minutes from Seattle, it was 9:55 am on Saturday morning. It was 23 hours and 55 minutes after we started, and I was mentally and physically exhausted to the point that I started hallucinating a bit (which was kinda cool, but not really). I exited the trail and cried...and kept crying. I had this massive flood of emotion that I couldn't control. I did it. I endured.  I set a huge goal and hit it. I was proud and grateful and lucky and real. Those 4 am training runs in the dark, which I scheduled early so I didn't impact my family too much, had finally paid off.  

If I could bottle up that emotion and carry it with me wherever I go and uncork it whenever I need a bit of inspiration I will overcome some of the invariable challenges that stand before me and before all of us as we navigate life's ups and downs.  Here is a bit of that uncorking:
  • I can do more than I thought possible Ask me two years ago if I could have ever imagined running 75 miles and I would tell you no way.  Today it's a different story.  If you've ever run  your first 5K, 10K or half marathon you know what I mean.  You think it might be the hardest thing ever, but you step up, adapt, make it happen, and realize, "Hey, that was doable."
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.  You don't know until you try something whether or not you are capable of it.  First you have to be willing to take the shot.  Too many of us stand back and just assume we won't make it. Don't be that person.
  • It's okay to be real.  When things are hard and you overcome them it's emotional. It's okay to show it.  It's a deep emotional satisfaction that gets harder for us to tap into as we build harder and harder shells around our lives.  Breaking the shell every once in awhile keeps us connected to what matters.

  • I can influence and inspire.  Technology has allowed us to democratize inspiration and influence. It's all around us from everyday people doing amazing things that spark action.  It was wonderful to hear from friends and people that I don't even know how much this event inspired them to push further.  That is awesome.
  • The power of health cannot be underestimated.  Health is a competitive advantage.  If you're not thinking like that as a person or as a employer then you are missing the boat.   

These are all of the reasons we exist at EveryMove and what we want to help everyone capture who is committed to fitness. We have some work to do together but we're going to get there.  Help us tap into the power of what it means to bring good things to those who sweat.

Now what?  Well, now it's about looking forward to the next challenge and the next opportunity to learn.  I went the distance on this run but only scratched the surface on what is ahead of me.

- Russell 

Posted on August 20, 2014 07:52 PM