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YOU made Fit Pursuit 2014 a Huge Success!

By Christy Kelly

At EveryMove, we sweat hard everyday to make your active lifestyles fun and motivational. We obviously love what we do, but when you rally together, embrace our call to arms and excel beyond our expectations, it makes our jobs so much sweeter. What has us feeling so good? Your success during the Fit Pursuit 2014 challenge.

Fit Pursuit 2014 Rocked
This January, we sponsored a New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge on EveryMove. Participants were invited to choose one of 6 goals to work at for four weeks and if they successfully met their goal 3 of the 4 weeks of the challenge, they would be entered into a drawing for their selected prize. Participants that wanted a little extra motivation could build their very own Cheer Squad, which would receive updates on their progress and share words of encouragement when needed and celebrate successes with kudos and high fives.

The Results 
You guys BLEW US AWAY. Seriously. You guys annihilated the feared New Years Resolution failure rate stat (70% people fail their resolution within the first month) with the majority of you completing your goal. Not only that, over 60% of you who completed your goal went the extra mile to become a Big Shot!

Not only did you guys kick butt individually, but together, you logged some pretty impressive stats:

  • You walked over 1,492,611,000 steps.  That is the equivalent of walking to the Moon 3 times or walking from New York to Los Angeles 301 times! (Now that’s what we call A LOT of steps). 
  • You went the extra mile most days, earning over 118,000 active day bonuses. 
  • Overall, you reported over 307,000 activities demonstrating how easy it is to keep moving towards your goals. 
Can you tell how proud we are?

Fit Pursuit Prize Winners
Anyone that completed their goal 3 of the 4 weeks was entered into a drawing for the prize they selected to work towards. We had 47 prizes to give away and all the winners were notified by email at the end of last week. We had the chance to check in with a few winners and see what they were up to during Fit Pursuit.

Makayla won the $500 shopping spree to Lululemon after completing her goal of 150 minutes of aerobics per week. She enjoys keeping her fitness goals in check with races and challenges like Fit Pursuit. She is currently training for her first 10k and loves to run, cycle, weightlift and do yoga as well.

Debbie won the Gym Bag Surprise. She killed her walking goal by being a Big Shot every week, recording over 75,000 steps each week!

Todd won a $50 gift card to REI by dedicating his time to going to the gym every week. He also was a Big Shot 3 weeks in a row recording over 760 minutes at the gym.

Moving Forward
As one of our Facebook community members said, everyone that stuck with it and completed their goal is a winner with Fit Pursuit. And now that Fit Pursuit is over, we hope you all will continue the momentum you made and make 2014 the year of movement. We'll be working hard this year to help you stay consistently active with more rewards, more challenges and maybe even throwing in some extra little surprises along the way. So keep the momentum going and happy moving!

Posted on February 17, 2014 02:00 PM

Biggest Fitness Tracker Trends from CES 2014

By Christy Kelly

With over 40% of the floor space at last week’s CES show dedicated to digital health it is safe to say the year of digital health tracking has arrived. So what do we have to look forward to in 2014 from top device makers?

If CES is any sign, here are the top 6 trends to watch:

1. Devices are getting smarter. Many products have started to go beyond simple activity collection and started incorporating actionable insights. For example, Polar’s V800 watch monitors your daily activity and uses that data to calculate how long you should rest in between your workout sessions. Movea’s G-Series claims it can even predict how you will move next.  Reign, from Jaybird, gives you a “Go” score to let you know if you’re ready to be active at that time of day.

2. Smartphones are the new device extension. Think back 5 years and devices either reported information to you directly through the device or they could be synced via your desktop. Not anymore. Many device makers are capitalizing on smartphone growth and syncing to your smartphone automatically for better data collection and added features. Some are even taking it one step further by allowing the tracking device to utilize your smartphone features like Razor’s Nabu, which notifies you of some incoming calls.

3. Devices are getting more beautiful. Sonny Vu of Mistfit Wearable said at CES, “If a sensor is not invisible, then make it precious and desireable.” Form and function must work together and if people are going to wear devices everyday, they are going to want to look good doing it and many companies are taking it to heart. Many companies are offering multiple color options and Fitbit even announced a partnership with Tory Burch to design new accessories for their line of bracelet trackers.

4. Devices are getting social. Many device companies are exploring ways to integrate with your social networks. Sony’s Core tracker is positioned to combine your tracked activity with your social and entertainment activity supplied through your linked smartphone for a more holistic “life-logging” timeline. Other devices, like Razor’s Nabu claim to notify you when other people from your social network are nearby.

5. Innovation is paramount. About one in every 10 new devices to enter the market lately touts a unique and truly innovative feature.  One of our favorites comes from the iFit’s Active Tracker, which, through a partnership with Google Maps, can display street views as the user moves on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike making going to the gym much more interesting.

6. Heart rate monitoring is becoming the new norm.  Technology advances have made heart rate monitoring no longer limited to a chest strap so companies are now building in heart rate monitoring to wrists, clips, and even forehead monitors as demonstrated from Hothead technologies at CES.  Much like our points system, heart rate monitoring gives you the opportunity to compare various activities by what matters most, its impact on your health. Although there is still a lot of room to grow in providing insights from heart rate data, simply capturing this information is a good step in the right direction.  

So How Do I Choose the Right Device for Me? 
So with all these great new devices hitting the market how do you know which is right for you? How do you wade through the noise and find the best tracker that will put you on the path to tracking success? We get asked that question almost everyday and that question was the reason behind our Fitness Tracking App and Device Comparison Tool. And now, we have just updated it with some of the latest to come out of CES so you can start seeing if any of these upcoming hot devices are the right fit for you.

Posted on January 14, 2014 02:00 PM

3 Ways to Make Sure You Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2014

By Christy Kelly

As many of you know we started EveryMove to improve the lives of 10 million people.  There is absolutely no better way to push toward that goal than in January, where millions of you set a fitness related resolution but sadly 50% of you fail to stick to it.  We are going to try and help here by launching Fit Pursuit, a challenge designed to tackle New Year’s Resolution failure.

The Science behind Fit Pursuit
Fit Pursuit combines 3 proven tactics that research shows increases the chances of achieving your goals.  Thousands of you have already signed up, declared your goal and built your cheer squad. Welcome to the pillars that drove how we built Fit Pursuit for you:

1. Replace Resolutions with Simple, Measurable Goals. Many New Year’s Resolutions fail because they are too big and abstract to tackle. We choose ideas that are hard for us to process and track as everyday activities. And when we don’t see results at the scale we expect, we often give up.

The key to achieving your resolution is to break it down into simple, achievable goals. Start with something that is easy to fit into your everyday life. For example, instead of having your goal be “to lose weight”, start with a simple measurable goal like “walk 10 minutes everyday after work”. By focusing on smaller, measurable goals that easily fit into your lifestyle, your chances of success will be higher.

2. Add Incentives to Motivate You Through the Difficult Days. According to Richard Wiseman’s 59 seconds: Change your life in under a minute, rewarding your wins with things that make you feel great is a sure fire way to increase your success rate. Focusing on the carrot instead of the stick reinforces positive feedback while performing the task at hand. And when you feel good about your mission, the better chances you have making that behavior stick.

When deciding on a reward, think about ways you would treat yourself. Indulge with some whip cream in your latte. Get a pedicure.  Buy those expensive workout clothes you really want. Choose something that lets you reward yourself about once a month to keep it close and within reach.

3. Seek accountability by including others in your goal. We are social creatures. We care about what others think. That’s why when you share goals with friends and family, you are triggering your desire not to be perceived as a failure to those around you. By simply sharing your goal, you are stacking those commitment cards in your favor.

But that’s not all. Friends can also play an important role in turning your smaller, measurable goals into lasting sustainable successes. Those “Keep it ups” and “WhooHoos!” simply just feel good. And having that positive energy associated with our goals makes us want to keep going.

Want to put these three rules to action this January and help us kick those failure statistics to the curb? Then sign up for our fitness challenge, Fit Pursuit 2014 where you can pick a small 4-week fitness goal, earn chances to win a prize and build your very own cheer squad.

Posted on January 6, 2014 02:30 PM

Friends of EveryMove: Are You Ready for 2014? We are!

By Russell Benaroya

My 93 year old grandmother
I went to bed last night before the ball dropped on Times Square.  I live on the West Coast.  My 93 year old grandmother stayed up later than me (which hopefully means I have a lot of years ahead of me). Yep, there was nothing more appealing to me than reading a book and drifting off to sleep knowing that I would wake up in 2014 ready to go.  I am. We are.

2013 was a very big year for EveryMove, one of great progress, tremendous learning and the building of a team that is driven to create something special that all of us can be proud of.  Here were some of our highlights:

1.  We ended the year with more fitness tracking apps/devices integrated than anyone else.  What matters here is that all of these devices and apps are standardizing on our increasingly popular point system and that's making it easy for you to connect (with your friends, employer, health plan; merchants, etc.).  We received some great accolades from our Fitness Tracker Directory as well.  Look out for more integrations this year.

2.  Hundreds of thousands of you joined the EveryMove Movement.  It was a year of great growth and adoption for our cause.  We are on a mission to improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years.  Each of you is helping contribute to that goal and you made some waves this year.  Waves can turn into rapids and that is when true momentum takes over.  We're seeing great involvement with EveryMove.  Right now, we're enjoying seeing so many of you hopping on our latest Challenge, Fit Pursuit.

3.  Hundreds of brand merchants are connecting with you through EveryMove.  We firmly established ourselves as the company that is bridging fitness tracking and digital media.  We are sourcing great products from brands that value your healthy lifestyle.  Help us to keep working on your behalf by providing us ideas, introductions, and opportunities.

4.  Health plans and employers are taking notice.  We have over 22,000 employers represented on EveryMove today and many health plans that want to connect with you because you're making smart health actions.  Talk about empowering our subscribers.  We want to keep driving your voice in the market that your active lifestyle has value.  It's working.

5.  We have made ourselves known as the thought leaders in driving consumer engagement for health plans.  Whether it be from the EveryMove 100 or some thought leadership pieces we have written, we have a pretty good beat on how health insurance companies can best support you in this pivotal period of change. 

6.  Our team is more committed than ever.  You gave us a voice this year.  You gave us permission to be your champion.  We honor that and are going to pursue a very meaningful purpose to help you show the importance of being active.

The one ask I have for you this year is to continue giving us feedback.

I went to bed early last night because I'm not sure that early to bed is in the cards for me in the near future as we do what it takes to deliver for you here at EveryMove.   2014 is going to be huge. I'll watch the ball next year....maybe.  Let's Move.

Posted on January 1, 2014 11:26 PM

A Kick Butt, Goal-Achieving, New Year’s Resolution Challenge: Introducing Fit Pursuit 2014

By Christy Kelly

Are you ready to jumpstart 2014 with a fitness win? Then you need to check out Fit Pursuit, our freshest, most fabulous goal-achieving challenge jam-packed with some great prizes and fitness fun.

What is Fit Pursuit? 
Fit Pursuit is designed to get you revved up and moving all the way into February. We like to think of it as a sure-fire way to kick January fitness failure to the curb and conquer your New Year’s Resolution with a win. We’re stacking all the cards in your favor with simple, achievable goals, fabulous prizes and of course, being able to build your very own cheer squad.  Beginning January 13th, when the challenge officially begins, we’re expecting to hear lots of “WhooHoos” and “way to gos!” throughout the EveryMove community. You will not want to miss it!

You Can Get Started Today!
The challenge officially begins on January 13th, but now is the time to prep and get ready so you can kick off with a first week win!

1. Choose a Goal. Instead of trying to tackle a large, abstract, and unmeasurable goal, start your year off right with one of our six achievable goals designed to fit easily into your life and turn activities into long-lasting habits. Walk 50,000 steps in a week. Go to the gym 100 minutes a week. Or simply have two “Active Days” a week.  Whatever you choose, each gives you a realistic and trackable goal, and for our fitness fanatics, each comes with a stretch goal as well.

2. Pick a Prize. Some days it’s tough to get motivated to workout. That’s why tangible incentives are a great way to give you that little extra reason to push life aside for a few minutes a week focus on being active. For Fit Pursuit, we’ve lined up some amazing prizes to motivate you through the gloomy, dark days of January. The bigger the prize, the less we have to giveaway, so you get to choose what motivates you more: a lower chance to win something big and fabulous like a 2 night stay at a luxury hotel or a higher chance to win something small and rewarding like a $50 gift card to Starbucks. No matter what prize you choose, you’ll have to complete your goal 3 of 4 weeks during the challenge to have your earned prize entries be added to the drawing.

3. Build your Cheer Squad. Friends are great motivators. They keep you accountable, give you words of encouragement when you need them, and congratulate you on your wins. That’s why for Fit Pursuit you’ll be allowed to invite 7 people to be part of your Cheer Squad and support you in reaching your selected goal. Your Cheer Squad will receive weekly updates so they can celebrate your weekly achievements during the challenge.  And better yet – if you fill your squad, you’ll get bonus prize entries!

So are you ready to kick butt this January?  Sign up today for Fit Pursuit, begin building your cheer squad and get ready to kickstart 2014 off right!

Posted on December 30, 2013 03:00 PM

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your New Fitness Tracking Device

By Christy Kelly

Fitness health tracking is here to stay and if you have been lucky enough to get your hands on a brand new shiny fitness tracker this holiday season here are some tips from the EveryMove team to ensure you get the most out of it.

EveryMove’s 5 Tips For Wearable Tracking Success: 

1. Don’t Overthink It! Keep it as simple as possible and continue doing what you do in your life.  Don’t feel like you need to change your routine immediately.  Remember, health is a journey and now you’re going to have an opportunity to see it first-hand.   As you learn more about yourself you will have more motivation to make (and see) your changes.

2. Make it Social.  So what is it about friends that make us work harder? Well, we are social animals by nature and we have a strong desire for validation and approval.  One of the best feedback mechanisms is from our friends so don’t be shy about posting your activities or finding friends with the same device and connecting and comparing with them.

So how do you find out if your friends are using the same device as you? Many companies allow you to connect to your Facebook account, and will automatically check to see which of your Facebook friends are connected to their service as well. You can also look to services like EveryMove that lets you have social connections with any of your active friends regardless of their device or preferred activity.   There are also great fitness communities like MyFitnessPal and Endomondo to explore as well which let you interact with your community.

3. Track Trends NOT Daily Stats.   If you are new to data tracking, obsessing over your daily statistics is an easy way to set yourself up for failure. Many people become demotivated the first time they miss their goal. Frustration ensues and they wind up abandoning the product completely.
The value of tracking your performance over time is to learn about your habits so you can become aware and correct weaknesses. That’s why looking for trends and performance over a week or month, is a great way to see where your patterns lie. Ask yourself:
  • When are you most active?
  • Is there a pattern?
  • When do you fall short of your daily goals?
  • Is it when you walk to lunch vs. drive?
Looking at behaviors over time can provide valuable awareness of you and the insights you need for lasting behavior change.

4. Enhance your Experience with Integrated Apps and Services. The great thing about technology and the app market today is that many of the fabulous services out there connect to each other providing you an almost customizable menu of sorts.  Naturally, as EveryMove users, you know how we connect to some of the most popular fitness tracking devices and apps helping you get rewarded for your logged activities. Other examples include MyFitnessPal, who connects to some of the most popular fitness tracking services to integrate your diet tracking with a more robust exercise tracking solution.  So check out the apps pages for your device and see if any are worth testing out.

5.  Remember, You’re Awesome.  I’m serious.  You need to remember that you are a trendsetter and part of a revolution that is driving a wave that will dramatically impact the health of our population.  Own your role in making an impact, not only on your life but on those of people around you.  Show them that you are someone committed to health and why it’s cool to be on the bandwagon.  Be proud that you have taken such a worthwhile step and know that every step you take from here on out will make you stronger.

So this holiday season, enjoy your new toy, one that can have a measurable impact on your life! Enjoy!

Don't have a device yet? Check out our Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool to help you find the best device or app for you!

Posted on December 23, 2013 02:00 PM

Welcoming RealSelf as a Charity Champ to EveryMove

By Christy Kelly

‘Tis the season to be giving and we are excited to welcome RealSelf as our newest Charity Champ to EveryMove! Our Charity Champ program lets companies and organizations sponsor charity rewards on EveryMove.  Charity rewards are our most popular rewards.  Many of you send us feedback about how you love turning your workouts into charity donations and now with our Charity Champ program we hope to bring even more charities rewards to EveryMove in the next several months.

Charity Champ: RealSelf
Our first Charity Champ, RealSelf, is sponsoring donations to one of their favorite charities, ReSurge international. ReSurge International provides free reconstructive surgeries for the poor and builds year-round medical access in underserved areas. It restores the dreams of those with deformities and injuries, and impacts the world by renewing the health of thousands of children and adults each year so they can go to school, provide for their families and contribute to society. It’s a great charity and now you have the opportunity to support them through your fitness activities on EveryMove!

Our Charity Champ program is just another example of an idea that came from member feedback so remember to keep sending us your ideas because we really do listen!

Become a Charity Champ!
If you are a company or organization interested in sponsoring charity rewards on EveryMove feel free to contact our sales department at sales@everymove.com.

About RealSelf: RealSelf is the world’s largest online community for cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry and beyond. It’s a great community where you can talk to real doctors and past patients about many cosmetic surgeries to learn what’s really worth it, and what’s not.

Posted on December 18, 2013 04:00 PM

Find the Best Fitness Tracker for You with the EveryMove Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool

By Christy Kelly

Looking for a new Fitness Tracker? Tired of searching through endless reviews to find the one that fits YOUR needs? Never fear, the EveryMove Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool is here!

The world of Fitness Devices and Apps is exploding and with so many choices on the market today and more on the way, it’s getting harder to cut through the noise and find the one that’s “right” for you. To solve that we have created an easier way to search and compare devices and apps so you can kickstart 2014 with confidence and motivation!

You’re Gonna Love our Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool
The EveryMove Fitness Tracker Comparison Tool puts YOU at the center of the search, giving you the power to compare 150 of the most popular apps and devices by the features that matter most for successful fitness tracking. Here are four ways to find your answers:

1. You can compare apps AND devices at the same time. Many apps and devices capture similar data so now you compare them side-by-side.

2. Search by ALL your activity interests. You like to run and cross-train so what’s the best app or device for you?  With our tool you can select all your activity interests to see what apps and devices support them all.

3. We boil down technical specs to the basics. There are so many geeky tech specs reported for each app and device that it is hard to understand what matters. We only provide the most important attributes so you can focus on the ones that really matter.

4. Read expert review snippets. Want to know what the experts think? We curated the most popular expert’s reviews giving you the highlights from each. And if you want to read the entire review, you can just follow the link.

So what do you think? Is this awesome or what?  Go find a new app or device to try.  Join millions of people that will be connecting to their health this holiday season.

Posted on December 11, 2013 04:38 PM

6 Awesome New and Returning Reward Partners for our December Reward Round-Up

By Norah Schneyer

It’s been a busy month here at EveryMove HQ and we have some great new and returning rewards partners as proof! All of our partners are looking to support YOU and are offering some great rewards to help sweeten the returns on those chilly morning runs, lunch time gym breaks, after work group walks, and weekend adventures.

Calling all the ladies! Time to get some new and perhaps warmer gear? ActivewearUSA is on a mission To offer the largest selection of quality, high-performance, stylish women's activewear, footwear, and accessories.  Check out their current offerings with a $10 gift card.

Wishing for a flawless finish? Apothederm Skincare delivers high-tech skin care with effective formulations to treat underlying conditions to restore and maintain the health and appearance of your skin.  Plus we all know sweating helps! A very popular reward: Get going now for $25 off any purchase of $50 or more AND $20 off Acne Clarifying Treatment.

Holiday cooking getting you down? Wish someone else could do the work for you? That's where one of our favorite partners HelloFresh comes in. This is a healthy meal kit subscription service that's helping to make cooking easy for everyone. Each week you can pick three recipes created by professional chefs and nutritionists that you would like to try and they will do the rest. They go shopping, pre-measure all the ingredients and deliver everything you need to make restaurant quality meals right to your doorstep. Get started with $35 off your first delivery *select delivery areas only*

Ladies and Gentleman, looking for some great apparel? No matter your sport, MPG has a top (or bottom or jacket or sports bra or bag) for that. MPG celebrates the drive, dedication and perseverance of those engaged in an unyielding pursuit of excellence, through sacrifice and discipline. MPG is rewarding YOUR unyielding pursuit with 25% off your purchase of $50 or more plus a limited number of FREE water bottles and FREE basic tops.

Hosting a party? Back by popular demand the wines available from NakedWines.com are the smaller projects of winemakers who spend most of their time making wine for big name labels. This means customers of NakedWines.com get to enjoy premium wines at wholesale prices.  EveryMove users can work for $50 towards 6 bottles or more. That means you can get 6 bottles of amazing wine from independent wineries with shipping for less than $40!*select states only*

Tired of your go-to protein bar? These bars from Real Food Barre might have you taking a bow. A real food bar developed by two professional dancers (made with whole foods for real athletes) with a portion of all proceeds go to benefit arts education. Whether you’re wanting to try a FREE bar, get 3 for $6, a full sample pack, or a box of each of their 3 delicious flavors (Black Swan Chocolate Cherry was the EveryMove team favorite!), we have limited quantities to fit the bill.

We’re bringing on new awesome brands everyday that want to motivate you to achieve your workout goal so make sure to check back often.

Have a brand you’d love to sweat for? Tweet or Facebook us and give them a shout out too! Not an EveryMove user? Sign up for FREE at www.everymove.org.

Posted on December 10, 2013 07:00 PM

The EveryMove 100 - Strong Results in Q3 2013

By Russell Benaroya

Yesterday we launched the increasingly popular EveryMove 100.  It is a ranking of all of the health insurance companies in the country based on how well they are using technology to engage consumers.  We evaluated health plans along five major pillars:

  • Mobile strategy:  Are you making it easy for your members to connect with you on their terms?
  • Social strategy:  Are you having conversations with your members around content people care about?
  • Web Popularity:  Are you keeping your website relevant, responsive, and valuable to members?
  • Customer Service:  Are you easily available?
  • Member Perception:  How do your members perceive you?

The index evaluated over 50 data points to arrive at a ranking that by all accounts is the best out there in support of the consumer.  

Why are we doing this?

First, EveryMove believes in our role to be a champion for consumers and to do whatever we can to make leading a healthy lifestyle accessible.  While we do that on EveryMove in the form of rewards and integrating with all types of health tracking devices and apps, we think bigger and we want you to do so as well.

Second, it is important that we continue driving leadership around consumer directed health and like many industries going through change, the best catalyst is transparency.  We want to shine a light on the health plans that are making strides and hold them up as a model for others to emulate.  If we do this well, everybody wins.

Are we perfect?  No.  Is the Index perfect?  Not yet.  We are evolving it with the support of fantastic advisors like Matthew Holt, Aman Bhandari, and Garrison Bliss, MD.  The results of yesterday's announcement were great.  The engagement by the health insurance plans was fantastic.  Everyone wants to create a better consumer experience and hopefully we can contribute in some way.

Thanks for giving us the space to think bigger, act bigger, and do more as we wade through an environment that is not used to disruption but disruption is exactly what has to happen to improve our health system. Onward and upward at EveryMove.

Posted on November 21, 2013 04:21 AM

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