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Delivering Big Wins for You!

By Russell Benaroya
EveryMove launching BCBS Nebraska
In 2011 we began EveryMove because we saw a need to provide a way for consumers to become part of the healthcare conversation with a strong weapon – their actions. There are few places in our lives where we seemingly have no control and the irony is that when it comes to managing our healthcare costs, we are largely helpless. We’ve heard that euphemism many times, “Action speak louder than words” and it certainly holds true for EveryMove.

You have entrusted us to help solve a problem that will put hundreds or thousands of dollars back into your pockets every year because of your healthy actions. We believe that our responsibility is to give you the power to show the value of your healthy lifestyles and we are doing just that, having captured over 1 million healthy activities on your behalf since launch, much of it through verified devices or apps.

Today we have been given the opportunity to continue our journey with additional financing from our investors who believe, like we do, that it is within our grasp to improve the lives of 10 million people by helping them take control of their lifestyle data. Within just 6 months after launch, we are showing good traction toward our goal.

We often talk about how we want to embed into the fabric of the lives of our users and we are well on our way. We are now the largest integrator of consumer health tracking apps and devices that has standardized your information into a points system that can be used to earn toward real world rewards. With this capability, you will have the power to apply your healthy lifestyles to your health plan, your employer, your gym, retailers, causes, and the list goes on. We are fighting every day to bring you value for your healthy activity and this additional financing will give us the ability to keep fighting.

Embedding into your life also means providing easier access. Today we have also launched our Android mobile app which has been widely requested for the last several months. Mobile is critical to our strategy and if we are going to support your healthy activities, we want to be as close to that activity as possible.

Over the next several months we want to strengthen this community even more. We want you to be more vocal about what you need to make every healthy move count. We are already making it easier for you to tell your health plan, employer, and retailers that you are interested in connecting with them and welcome their participation on EveryMove. You’re doing your part and now we will do ours.

Our team gets up every day inspired to help you unlock the value of your healthy lifestyles. Thank you for believing in EveryMove.

Posted on April 4, 2013 06:00 PM