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EveryMove Adds to its Clinical Advisory Board

By Russell Benaroya

Today EveryMove is being called on to bring its member engagement capabilities into more clinical areas of healthcare.  Why?  Because the people that benefit the most from taking the right health actions are those who are managing a health condition.  Our experience in building technology solutions that delight consumers to engage with their health is what makes us well positioned to continue making a bigger impact across the health spectrum.  Our goal in building our new product, Tandem, was to provide customers the flexibility to drive targeted health actions to serve both the well and chronically ill.  

In order to best serve our customers desiring more clinical related health actions we are excited to announce that Christopher Mathews, MD has joined our clinical advisory board.  Dr. Mathews is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Zeomega, one of the premier population health platforms that helps health plans and care delivery organizations deliver a better and more personalized care experience for individuals. Prior to Zeomega, Dr. Mathews was the SVP and Chief Medical Officer at Community Health Plan.  Community Health Plan is a well known managed care company that has demonstrated success in delivering quality care at a reasonable cost.  

As a member of the advisory group, Dr. Mathews will play an important role in supporting Tandem to define the health actions that will yield the greatest benefit for the individual and the sponsoring organization (health plan or self funded employer).  Our job is to take those actions and build them into a Tandem Offer that encourages an individual to take action for their health!

We are excited to welcome Christopher Mathews to the team!  

Posted on September 15, 2016 08:43 PM