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EveryMove Launches the EveryMove 100 Health Insurance Index™

By Russell Benaroya
Today marks a milestone!  We are thrilled to announce that today we have launched the EveryMove 100 Health Insurance IndexTM (the “EveryMove 100”).

What is it?  The EveryMove 100 is a list of the top 100 health insurance companies that are making significant strides in engaging with consumers to help them take better control of their health as a partner in health versus just a processor of medical claims.  The intent here is to extend the influence of the consumer as they wade into new territory as individually empowered decision makers, whether through state, federal or employer exchanges.  The Index evaluated over 50 data elements to determine the ranking.

We want to help health insurance companies make strides and adapt to the changing way that consumers want to interact and engage with them to better manage their health.  Social and mobile play a big part in this Index since they are the way that consumers increasingly interact with companies they have the closest connections to.

This is version one of the Index and will become more robust as consumer outreach data becomes more available and transparent.  This Index is not an evaluation on whether the health insurance company has a good physician network, pays claims on a timely basis or is known for meeting certain regulatory standards. There are enough sources that provide that insight.  The EveryMove 100 is about benchmarking how well health insurance companies are connecting to consumers as they would expect from a brand that is part of the consumer’s life.

We want the EveryMove 100 to spark a conversation, one in which the consumer is an active participant. We have held the belief for a long time that the consumer has largely been left out of their health care and our role is to put power into the hands of the consumer to give them a stronger voice.  The EveryMove 100 adds to that megaphone.    We are also pleased to have the voices of a strong advisor group for the EveryMove 100.  I want to thank Matthew Holt  (Health 2.0), Garrison Bliss MD (Qliance) and Aman Bhandari (Former White House Sr. Advisor to CTO, Todd Park) for their contributions and insights.

Congratulations to all of those that are on the top 100.  If you did not make the list that’s okay because we are at the beginning of a wave of investments that health insurance companies are making on behalf of the consumer that we are confident will be evidenced in the near future.  We will be publishing updates with some level of frequency and encourage health insurance companies to reach out to us to share their progress.

We are on a journey together that will make a significant positive impact on the health of our population.  The EveryMove 100 is another step on that journey to build a bridge for consumers and health insurance companies to align in the pursuit of better health delivered more cost effectively.  We will get there together so long as we can have the conversation and take action.  Welcome to the EveryMove 100.

Posted on August 27, 2013 01:34 PM