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Final FIT-cation Winner Announced!

By Kellee Bryan
We're at the end of our FIT-cation contest series! The lucky winner of our final drawing is Julie Donahue.

Julie's activities have won her a one-night stay at Hotel Monaco in Seattle; a pair of Saucony running shoes supplied by Super Jock 'n Jill; a BodyMedia FIT armband; and an EveryMove t-shirt and water bottle.

Congratulations to Julie!

Julie is motivated to be healthy so that she can run and play with her children. She's currently on a mission to lose half of her body weight, a commitment she made last November when her brother spent time in the ICU and was not expected to live. The experience prompted Julie and her siblings to reflect on their own lives and think about changes they wanted to make, and Julie promised herself that she would take care of her extra weight. Soon after, she met with her doctor and a nutritionist and started moving. She loves Zumba and recently completed a Couch to 5K program – and is already down 31 pounds (10% of her starting weight)! Julie learned of EveryMove through her use of MyFitnessPal and Fitbit (both of which integrate with EveryMove), and decided that if she was going to be moving anyway, she might as well earn rewards along the way. "I love the fact that I don't have to add another step to record my exercise. Just by wearing my Fitbit and doing activities I was planning to do anyway, I am earning points for prizes." You can keep up with Julie's fitness and weight loss journey on her blog, Half a Julie.

We also recently got in touch with last week's drawing winner, Mathew Slattery, to learn a bit more about what motivates him to stay fit. Mathew's favorite activity is playing hockey. He's a goalie for in a hockey league in Omaha, where he lives. Aside from staying fit to improve his sports skills, Mathew cites the existence of mirrors as a big motivating factor. (We get it. We all want to look our best!) When Mathew's employer began a fitness challenge through EveryMove, he decided to sign up. "EveryMove makes my fitness routine a lot more fun," he says. "I like to see how many points I can get during a day, turning it into a competition between my friends and me."  

Congratulations again to Julie and Mathew, and all of our previous winners: Britta Morrow, Aimee No, and Drew McKay. Thanks to everyone who played along, and to our partners who offered up some fantastic FIT-cation prizes!

Posted on April 16, 2013 06:59 PM