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Up and Coming: Amiigo Fitness Tracker

By Kellee Bryan
Another fitness tracking device will soon be vying for your stats – and this one will outsmart your previous trackers. At least that's the claim from Amiigo, a yet-to-be-released fitness band and shoe clip.

Photo from amiigo.co
Most trackers can measure steps, distance, and calories pretty accurately, but more detailed stats can be hard to come by without more cumbersome equipment. Amiigo, on the other hand, will also be able to track heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and skin temperature in addition to the more common fitness measures.

But its Amiigo's ability to identify the type of exercise you're doing that could really set it apart. Amiigo includes motion sensors and accelerometers that track how you're moving – data which its gesture-based algorithms then use to identify the particular exercise you're engaged in. And the more you use it, the better it'll get at recognizing and identifying your personal movement patterns. The wristband is completely waterproof, so it can be used for just about any physical activity – including swimming.

The Amiigo system includes the wristband, shoe clip (which attaches to the wristband when not in use), and accompanying app. Users can wear just the cuff, just the shoe clip, or – for optimal tracking – both simultaneously. Data can be viewed (and shared) through the iOS and Android apps. The apps also will allow users to set goals and participate in challenges and competitions.

Amiigo will be launching a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo on October 29th, and hopes to have a product ready to ship by next April. It is expected to retail for $119.

Posted on October 24, 2012 04:00 PM