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Withings Smart Scale Wirelessly Tracks Weight and BMI

By Kellee Bryan
Withings is the latest company to offer up a home "smart scale," a WiFi enabled scale that measures not just body weight, but muscle mass, fat mass, and BMI. 

The Withings WiFi Body Scale joins the ranks of FitBit, which released its WiFi smart scale – the Aria – last year.

Like Aria, the Withing's Body Scale connects wirelessly to the Internet to automatically deliver the results of each weigh-in to your personal online account. There, your data is tracked and displayed in colorful, easy to read graphics. Log into your account from any computer, or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Through your dashboard, you can set goals for yourself and Withings will send you a weekly email with your status report. And, of course, all (or none) of your information can be shared with your Facebook and Twitter friends at the click of a button.

The scale can recognize up to eight different users, making it usable by multiple people in the same household.

Posted on May 30, 2012 04:30 PM