How can I earn points?

You can earn points for almost any kind of healthy move you make — from jogging, to gardening, to playing with your kids.

Here are some great ways to add points to your total:

  • Enter your healthy activities on your EveryMove home page.
  • Walk a certain number of steps per day, as measured by a linked tracking device such as a pedometer or FitBit.
  • Check in at a healthy place like your gym or a 5k event via Facebook or Foursquare.
  • Invite your friends to EveryMove and participate in our community. When your friends are active, you can earn points when they spread the love.
  • You'll even earn 100 points, just for signing up with EveryMove.

How many points is an activity worth?

EveryMove's points system reflects both the intensity of an activity and the amount of time you spend doing it. So riding your bike for an hour will earn more points than walking for an hour, but fewer points than an hour-long boot camp. Double the time doesn't always mean double the points, though, so a 14-mile run isn't necessarily worth twice as many points as a 7-mile one.

Why not? Well, it's complicated, but basically studies show that "more pain, more gain" isn't necessarily true when it comes to your health. In fact, regular exercise of moderate intensity is great for your heart and lowers your risk for many diseases a lot more than say, bench pressing 350 pounds or running a five minute mile. And even heart-healthy activities like jogging and biking have a "point of diminishing return" (yeah, fancy term -- go ahead, Google it) where additional effort doesn't have much of a payoff.

So we love that you can run a marathon on your lunch break and still go out dancing that night! Just understand our points system rewards you for the biggest health benefit, not so much for bragging rights.

Does every activity earn points?

We love points, and we love to give them to you! But there are a few cases where a logged or synced activity on EveryMove doesn't award you any points. If you're not receiving points for an activity, it's probably because:

  • We've seen it before. This usually happens if you use multiple apps or devices to track your workouts - logging a bike ride on both Strava and MapMyRide, for example. In these cases, only one instance of the activity will generally score points.
  • It's a distant memory. We only award points for activities that are completed and recorded within the last three days (72 hours.)
  • You're just getting started! A single push-up or a walk to the water cooler won't meet the minimum threshold for granting points. And because many devices roll up activity across longer periods of time, those minimums can be a little higher. For instance, you need to record more than 5,000 steps a day on a pedometer connection before those points start rolling in.
  • Not all places are created equal. We award points for location check-ins only if they're on our list of health or fitness minded places. Parks, gyms, and pools are good bets, but casinos and airports won't give you points on EveryMove.

What is an "Active Day" bonus?

An "Active Day" bonus is a points-oriented pat on the back for really breaking a sweat. There are two ways you can earn an Active Day Bonus. The first is within the day. For example, if you rode your bike to work on the same day that you swam a mile and walked the dog, you could score an Active Day bonus for that day. You can earn these bonuses every day depending on how much you do.

Second, if you have more than one Active Day a week, you get even more bonus points for staying consistent. This type of Active Day bonus can be earned up to three times a week. That's a lot of bonuses!

What is Spread the Love?

For every Active Day that you earn, you get 15 bonus points that you can share with three friends. Spread the Love points don't come out of your total, so it's a great way to show someone that you think they're doing a great job or better yet, a nice way to nudge someone who has fallen off the fitness wagon.

Why don't you have my favorite activity?

We're adding activities faster than you can hula hoop on roller skates. From AMT to Zumba and most everything in between, we've got lots of them in our database. Still, there are some that don't show up. Juggling knives, anyone? When that happens, we give the activity as many points as a brisk walk might earn, since we don't really know how much actual exertion is involved.

What are Levels?

Level is another way to measure how dedicated to a healthy fitness lifestyle you are. You start on EveryMove on Level 1 and you can progress from level to level all the way to Level 12. Your profile on EveryMove will indicate your level and you can also see your friends’ levels.

How do I Level Up?

Everyone starts at Level 1. Once you get 500 points on EveryMove you move to Level 2. Once you get to 1,000 points you move to Level 3. After Level 3, levels are based on consecutive days of activities’ points. Levels are divided in 4 groups: Levels 1-3 (Light Blue), Levels 4-6 (Orange), Levels 7-9 (Purple) and Levels 10-12 (Black). These are the triggers to move up a Level:

  • Level 4: 500 points in 14 days
  • Level 5: 600 points in 14 days
  • Level 6: 700 points in 14 days
  • Level 7: 1,000 points in 21 days
  • Level 8: 1,200 points in 21 days
  • Level 9: 1,500 points in 21 days
  • Level 10: 1,800 points in 28 days
  • Level 11: 2,100 points in 28 days
  • Level 12: 2,500 points in 28 days

Can I skip a level?

You cannot skip level. You can only start working towards a Level after you unlocked the previous level. Points to the next level start counting after you unlocked the current level.

I did a Marathon, shouldn’t I be Level 12?

Levels are not about recognizing a one-time hyper-active day, but about recognizing a consistency of fitness activities. Running a Marathon is an amazing achievement, but Levels is not about that. Training for 4-months for a Marathon is guaranteed to unlock you multiple Levels on EveryMove. So when you see someone who’s a Level 10, you know for sure that person has invested several days a week for many months to get to that Level, and that’s a big deal!

I was close to a new Level but now I need more points. Why?

Levels 4 and above are about number of points in consecutive days. For example, if you were Level 4 and you had 550 points in 14 days you need only 50 more points to get to Level 5. However, the points that you earned exactly 14 days ago won’t qualify for Level 5 the following day, so if you had 30 points that day, it means that the next day you’ll need 80 more points (50 + 30) to get to Level 5. If you go 14 days without a single activity, your points reset to zero and you have to earn the 600 points all over again.

What are the criteria for getting a badge?

While we show you a list of possible badges, we don't disclose exactly how you get them. We think of badges as a fun way to reward activities that fall outside the every day world of points. However, when a friend earns a badge, you will be able to see what they had to do to earn it.

How do I get an app to track my activity?

Check out our Fitness Tracker and Fitness App guide. You can find, compare or buy the best fitness trackers for your lifestyle.

What if I use an app or tracking device not listed on your "Apps & Devices" page?

We want it to be super easy for you to interact with EveryMove. So the list of apps and devices you can link to EveryMove is constantly growing. If your favorite app or device isn't supported yet, you can enter your data manually and contact us with your app and device requests.

What's the benefit of giving you my employer or health insurance provider information?

Rewards, rewards, rewards! Many employers and health insurance providers love the EveryMove model of helping people get active, so they offer their own exclusive rewards for employees/members.

Even if your employer or insurer doesn't offer additional benefits now, giving us their names sends them a message that they should get in on this morale-boosting opportunity. And when we do add their names to our list, you'll be ready to go because you took the time to identify them now.

Don't worry, giving us this information can't cause your premiums to go up. And we won't rat you out when you skip work to go fishing or anything.

What type of information are you sharing with others?

We recognize that your fitness habits are personal information that you want to be able to control. To help in this effort, we've made it so only your friends can see your photos, posts, and comments.

You can always opt out of leaderboards or sharing your info with employers, insurers, or any other organization -- but that may cost you eligibility for some rewards. Lastly, we guarantee that the information you provide will never, ever affect your premiums or ability to partake in other promotions. See our privacy policy for more details.

How can I protect the privacy of my information?

Your privacy is paramount. So EveryMove keeps you 100% in control of your personal information. You decide what information to share (and with whom), and what to keep private. And of course, you can change your privacy settings any time.

Why do you ask for my insurance and employer information?

Many employers and health insurance providers want in on the EveryMove model of helping people get active because they know it's a morale booster and health inducer. Many employers and insurance companies that are with EveryMove now offer exclusive rewards to their employees/members, so giving us their names connects you to those reward opportunities. Also, if they're not with us now but get onboard with EveryMove in the future (which they totally will), you'll be signed up and ready to go.