Change lives with your activity

LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon and Vivacity will donate up to $1 to charity every time an Oregon resident earns an Active Day (orange heart) during the Oregon Moves challenge. Join the challenge now to make a difference for the charity of your choice.*

Get discounts on activity trackers

LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon members qualify for a discounted Striiv Play pedometer courtesy of Striiv. With an activity tracker like Striiv taking the stairs or walking the dog becomes a fun, motivating experience.*

Reward yourself

EveryMove is free, fun, motivating and rewarding. It lets you earn points for all kinds of activities — from going to the gym, to walking the dog, to mowing the lawn. And you can redeem those points for rewards from Papa G's All Organic Vegan Deli, Firebrand Sports, and YoYo Yogi.

*The campaign runs from October 21st 2013 through November 17th 2013. The Sponsors will donate an amount of up to $1 to the participant’s choice of five pre-selected charities for every Active Day earned in the campaign up to the campaign limit of $50,000. If the number of Active Days earned by participants as part of the campaign exceeds 50,000, then the amount of the contribution to charity for each Active Day will be reduced by the amount necessary to make the total campaign charitable contribution equal to $50,000. Striiv has announced that it will offer a 30% discount on a Striiv Play Pedometer to a limited number of LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon members who participate in Oregon Moves. Neither the Sponsors nor EveryMove are affiliated with Striiv and do not guarantee, and make no representations or warranties regarding, Striiv, its products or the availability of the discount. See full rules and terms.