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Your workout can change the world

At EveryMove, we believe that exercise can transform a community. Motivation is contagious. Active people turn into leaders. And companies become partners in healthy living. There's a movement growing and it's getting stronger with every step.

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Track every active move you make, from archery to Zumba, using the apps and devices you already know — we support hundreds.

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Sweat's better shared

Connect with friends, employers, health plans, and even your gym. See how your workouts can inspire positive change.

Reach your fitness goals

Set fitness goals and receive a daily dose of challenges, encouragement, and high-fives from friends to help you reach them.

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Come as you are

You're welcome no matter which app you're using. You belong no matter what activity you're doing. You'll benefit no matter how fit you are. We are a can-do fitness community where everyone is getting healthy together.

“Thank you for being a part of my life! I am stronger, more flexible, feel better in my own body, and am finally the losing weight that I've struggled with over the past decade....and it's because of you. Thank you!” Marty
“EveryMove makes me feel awesome every time I log a workout or even walk the dog. I really love seeing my activities and keeping track of my commitment to health.” Patricia

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