We are EveryMove.

We created EveryMove in 2011 with a simple purpose – improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years by living a more active lifestyle. Our mission is to be the good driver discount for health, to give individuals the ability to use their tracked data to lower their healthcare costs through employer and health plan based incentives. When we create an environment where prevention is valued, we improve the state of healthcare for the entire system including employers, health plans, physicians and most important, each other.

We are recognized as one of the premier engagement solutions for employers and health plans where we transform fitness tracking data and app information into financial incentives for members and employees. We have strategic relationships with many health plans and virtually every fitness tracking app and device. As our network expands, everyone benefits.

We debuted in October 2012 and today we have over 500,000 individuals and hundreds of employers that are maximizing financial benefits tied to health and well-being. We’re passionate about breaking down the barriers that keep people from engaging in their well-being and fitness is our superhighway.

Every day we live our values of Fast, Fit, and Fun! We welcome you to join our purpose.

  • Individuals

    Elevate your daily workouts and show the world that you have the power to inspire an active movement just by doing what you already love to do everyday.

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