We are EveryMove.

We’re transforming fitness data into an awesome experience.

Everyone is abuzz these days about fitness tracking smartphone apps and devices. But data is only interesting if you can do something really worthwhile with it. That’s where we come in. We’re taking all your tracked activities to a whole new level because you are more than just a wearable and a piece of data. You are the activities you love, the friends you inspire, and the communities you influence. Yes, seeing your progress grow is great, but watching it make an impact on your life and those around you is even better.

How do we do it? By amplifying your actions! We create an experience where your fitness becomes a calling card that people will pay attention to. Plug into the EveryMove network and get connected to what really matters: your friends, your fitness, and fun.

At the heart of EveryMove lies the following beats:

You Can Run Outside the Lines.

Feel that? It’s called Freedom. We aren’t telling you what to do or how or with whom. At EveryMove, all your actions matter and we don’t want you to miss out on its impact. That’s why we integrate with more fitness tracking apps and devices than anyone else and capture over 100 different activities.

Face It! You’re Inspiring.

Ready to see real impact? We have health plans and employers lining up to create fun ways to support and motivate your active lifestyle because you’re an inspiration. Why us? Because we have the most advanced proprietary points system that makes it easy for companies to reward you. Have you ever wondered why there is no “good driver discount for health”? That’s about to change.

Celebrate You!

You’re working hard and we make it easy for anyone that wants to recognize and reward your active efforts to do so right at the moment that it happens. Friends and family can cheer you and offer words of encouragement. Health plans and employers can sponsor challenges, rewards, and charity donations on your behalf.

Want to Join Us? Now’s the Time!

When we work together, amazing things happen! That’s why we’re inviting bold and progressive health plans, employers, brands and active individuals to join us on our journey and prove that together, we can build a happier, healthier community.

EveryMove Through the Years.

Inspiration Hits

EveryMove starts with a simple mission: to inspire 10 million people to move more in 10 years.

EveryMove debuts

200 people choose a reward and earn their first points (and that’s not even counting the moms of EveryMove!).

The Next Generation Arrives

A bigger team, a new office, and a product facelift: EveryMove takes the first step towards a bigger bolder more amplified solution.

  • Employers

    Nothing gets employees more excited than a little bit of healthy competition especially when they can participate by being active anyway they like!

  • Health Plans

    Build stronger relationships with your active community by giving them the recognition and support to inspire others that they deserve.

  • Individuals

    Elevate your daily workouts and show the world that you have the power to inspire an active movement just by doing what you already love to do everyday.

Want to get to know us better? Meet the EveryMove Team.

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