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A Comeback: The New (and Improved) Jawbone UP

By Kellee Bryan
The highly anticipated Jawbone UP was originally released last year (we wrote about it here). Sadly, it failed to live UP (pun intended) to its own hype and, instead, became known for its propensity to malfunction. But now UP is back with an improved design and hoping for that most elusive of opportunities: a second chance to make a first impression.

Like the original, the new UP bracelet is intended to be worn all day, every day (yes, even in the shower). It monitors your movement (distance, calories burned, active time, and activity intensity) and your sleep, and works with an iOS app to track meals and moods. The bracelet features an idle alert to prompt wearers to move if they've been inactive for too long. It also has a smart alarm to wake wearers from slumber at the optimal point in their sleep cycles.

Improvements to UP's design include the addition of a new thermoplastic polyurethane material for better waterproofing and additional coating around the wires. This should correct the malfunctions of the previous model, which turned out to be not quite as waterproof as it needed to be.

The new UP is available now, and retails for $130. Will you give it a second chance?

Posted on November 27, 2012 04:43 PM