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EveryMove Adds Badges to Recognize Fitness Achievements

By Christy Kelly
EveryMove Badges are Here
I am very excited to announce that EveryMove has added another fun and motivational feature to its website. Beginning today, EveryMove members will receive virtual badges when they complete certain types of activities within a given timeframe.

Adding badges to EveryMove was a decision inspired by the EveryMove community. Over the past 9 months, many users have embraced the EveryMove fitness movement, working hard to be consistently active and encouraging others to do so as well. We created badges to recognize consistency and give the rest of the EveryMove community the opportunity to recognize and celebrate a member's achievements as well. 

What are EveryMove Badges?
They’re fun and for everyone! Each badge has been designed to celebrate different workout personalities found within the EveryMove community. To earn a badge, simply keep doing what you are doing. If you complete certain activities within a specific timeframe, you will earn a badge that celebrates that achievement. Earned badges will be displayed on your profile and in your activity feed, giving your friends the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge your accomplishment as well. 

EveryMove has launched 12 badges to start and plans to add many more in the next few months. You can see samples of available badges by visiting the Badges page under the new Achievements navigational menu within your EveryMove account.  Badges are available on the website today, and will be rolled out in the EveryMove iPhone and Android Apps within the next few weeks.

Favorite Badges of the EveryMove Team
To celebrate the release of badges, I asked a few members of the EveryMove team what badge they were most excited about. 
Norah loves the Bodhisattva badge.  “It celebrates my morning de-stress routine.”
Jodi is inspired by the Giant Steps badge.  “I’ve been challenging myself to reach 10,000 steps before lunch so this badge is perfect for me.”
Matt was actually the inspiration behind the Orange Crush badge.  “I love a good challenge to break a sweat everyday.”
And my personal favorite?  The Proclaimer badge, named after a band that dominated the airwaves one summer back in high school. 

Anyone earn a badge yet? What do you think? What types of badges would you like to see in the future?  

Posted on July 1, 2013 04:02 PM