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higi Acquires EveryMove

By Russell Benaroya

I am excited to announce that EveryMove has been acquired by higi, the nation’s largest network of health screening stations in the country.  With over 11,000 locations and having performed over 36 million screenings for unique individuals, higi represents the future of consumer engagement.  The acquisition accelerates higi’s strategy to create the most extensive set of tools to transform population health activities through the collection and workflow integration of health and lifestyle data.

As you know, EveryMove began to focus its efforts on a new product platform in 2016 called Tandem.  Tandem is a health action driver, delivering targeted health offers to consumers to help them meet their health goals, drawing on data from their medical history, survey responses and engagement with wearables and apps.  Combining with higi provides Tandem an exciting path to get more reach and make more impact.

When we started EveryMove we began with a mission to improve the lives of 10 million people in 10 years.  I was pretty sure that we would need some great partners along the way.  Companies like Premera Blue Cross and BlueCross Blue Shield of Nebraska were invaluable partners on this journey and validated the importance of engaging consumers in their health.  We definitely took some twists and turns along the way but being part of higi certainly gives us the best shot of hitting our goal.  Over 4 million people/month sit down at a higi screening station.  I think we’re going to improve the lives of 10 million people well before 10 years!

There are a lot of people that have been on this journey since we launched in 2012.  To say I am grateful only scratches the surface of the emotions I feel around the end of one chapter and the opening of another.  Everyone who ever signed up for EveryMove, gave us feedback (good and bad), built a community, met their goal, earned a reward, or Shared the Love, gave us our wings to fly.  We experimented.  My co-founder, Marcelo Calbucci, was the ultimate experimenter, and I can’t tell you how I much I appreciated his partnership and learned so much from him.  Thank you.

higi has some big plans and the team in place to make it happen.  What does that mean for the EveryMove community?  We are working through all of those details now and making sure we are all aligned in the same direction.   We created something special and that will live on as higi expands its reach around the world.

Onward to the next adventure.  Relentless.  Committed.  Energized.  Expect nothing less from the team that started with a 10 million in 10 years mission and will not stop until it is achieved.


Russell and the EveryMove Team

Posted on March 29, 2017 12:46 PM