This is EveryMove.

It will change the way you feel about fitness.

EveryMove Works for You

1. Capture Your Movements.

Whether you run, walk the dog, prancercise, or bike, it all counts on EveryMove. Record your daily movements on your computer, with our mobile app or sync with your favorite fitness wearable.

2. Earn Points.

Our scientific points algorithm awards points to every workout based on its potential impact towards your long-lasting health. These points add up to earn you bonuses and let you compete in challenges.

3. Celebrate with Friends.

Connect with friends and share high-fives, words of praise, or even bonus points when you have a really active day. You’ll have each other moving more in no time!

4. Compete in Challenges.

Health plans and employers routinely sponsor challenges and competitions on EveryMove for their communities. Connect with yours to find out if one is going on right now!